Looking for a place to shoot your next million-view recipe? Do you want to organize some cooking workshops? Do you need to hold a private press event / demonstration for a culinary product? Do you have any other ideas that could benefit from a pleasant and well-equipped place for cooking and filming?

Welcome to our Cooking Studio.

What we offer

We provide a fully equipped cooking studio (from teaspoons to lights), in which we produced the recipes from sodelicious.ro and sodelicious.recipes, as well as other video projects and commercials.

You can rent the studio for a few hours (subject to availability) or per day. We offer substantial discounts for several consecutive days of filming.

For a tailored offer, contact us.

• two sets
• fully equipped for filming
• different styling
• professional lighting installations
• customization options
• broadband Internet access

What you’ll find in the kitchen

• blenders of various shapes, colors, and sizes
• cooking robots
• mixers
• spiralizers
• pasta machine
• slow cooker pots
• electrical ovens and stoves
• fridges and freezers
• various dishes and cutlery
• running water, professional kitchen hoods

Filming equipment

If needed, we can also lend you:

• Sony α7, RX100 VI, or Canon 5DMKIII cameras + lenses
• GoPro Hero 5 and 8 cameras
• more lights (adjustable LED spots and panels, 650W Film Gear lights, Kino Flo, softbox Dedo kit)
• Sachtler and Manfrotto tripods
• light racks
• video sliders
• Sennheiser directional microphone
• Zoom digital audio recorder digital

Apart from the studio, you will have access to another fully functional kitchen, an office / relaxation area, a covered patio, a nearby parking and our courtyard.

What can you shoot

Actually, there are no limits on what you can shoot here. We can share some ideas, but everything depends on your own creativity. Here what we saw that other did here:

• recipes, obviously
• interviews, cooking or nutrition-related, but not necessarily
• podcasts, or downright vlogs
• workshops and online courses, live or not
• commercials or product presentations
• private press events
• cooking scenes in feature films



Bvd. Pipera 141,
Oxford Gardens, Vila 100
Voluntari, Ilfov, 077191

Ioana Rădulescu
[email protected]

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